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We want to build on our leading position as a surface-finishing solutions provider and become one of the world’s most respected specialty chemicals companies.

We provide the most advanced technical solutions for the world’s surface-finishing industries, through a combination of innovative chemistry and world-class equipment. We thrive and succeed based on superior customer satisfaction and best-in-class technical support. We are committed to innovation and will adapt to meet the needs of our customers, investors, and employees worldwide.

The combination of our comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach, a strong global manufacturing and sales footprint, customer-driven investments in R&D, and superior technical expertise makes us an ideal surface-finishing solutions partner for our diverse customer base. Our solutions create significant value for our customers focused on product performance, reliability, and consistency. Better yet, they also form the foundation of our long-term partnerships across the globe.

  • We operate 16 state-of-the-art TechCenters globally.
  • We address our customers’ needs on multiple, highly detailed levels.
  • We provide local service around the world and respond in real-time to customer needs.

“Our comprehensive systems-and-solutions approach leverages our unique offering of chemistry, equipment, and service. In our industry, we are the only major company to provide chemistry and equipment combined. Utilizing our equipment in connection with our tailored chemistry brings our customers significant value.”

Geoff Wild, CEO at playtech angpao Group


Our products can be found virtually everywhere in everyday life. It is a big responsibility, which we proudly accept and passionately pursue to improve our products even further, every day.


We are a vital partner for countless industries that look to us for both functional and decorative surface-finishing solutions. We operate in two business segments: Electronics (“EL”) and General metal finishing (“GMF”). In both areas, we supply our comprehensive systems and solutions consisting of chemistry, equipment, and service

  • to create the electrical conductivity integral to the function of printed circuit boards and semiconductors.
  • to provide functional and decorative surface finishing for a wide range of applications, including applications subject to stringent environmental regulations.

#1 in the global electronics plating market
#1 in the global metal-finishing plating market


Our business is defined by an unwavering commitment to research and development (R&D) with a focus on high-growth applications, customer collaboration, and market-led innovation.

On the one hand, we invest in supporting our existing customers’ product improvement and short-term R&D needs, which allows us to lead the way with new high-value solutions. On the other hand, our R&D investment is focused on developing next-generation technology. Together, these commitments let us solve complex technical problems associated with cutting-edge product innovations.

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Our TechCenters, offices, and production sites around the world are investments in regions and what they need.

playtech angpao global


Safety, quality, compliance, and sustainability are constant companions in our every day business.



As a global company, we take great pride in our diversity and highly skilled international workforce.


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