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Amber Haines

Oddly combined outfits, arranged flowers in mason jars on the counter, and Saturday mornings at the market square where mandolins play keep a spark going inside me. I like being regular and pronounce it “regler.” If I can get to the keyboard quickly enough, I’ll write out of the holy, terrible, and fantastic regular. I love mustard on my sausage biscuits. I like a little house and a big yard. I whirl from child to sink to garden to spill, but I love to steep in different cultures and countries, too. I love to travel.

Most of all, I love to write. I never questioned what I would grow up to be. learn more about me I wrote a whole entire book (a memoir) called Wild in the Hollow so everybody and their Grandmas can read about how messed up I have been. Redemption is a powerful thing for those us who are messed up.

Here online, I write about mothering boys and keeping faith from the perspective of a Christian woman who’s had an abortion and an affair. I love to tell a story, to speak and write about the church and the power of weakness and forgiveness

I have this blog, the RunaMuck, because I want to encourage you in your creative endeavor and spiritual giftings, in your pursuit of the Kingdom of God, and in your weakness.