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Erika Morrison

Nearly a decade ago, Erika asked God to bless her and found her world turning upside-down at God’s definition of “blessing.” Her marriage dove into crisis, her family lost their home, and they found themselves slipping off the end of their rope only to find their fingers gripped by the hand of God: all they had left in the world. The life she discovered on the other side of that encounter was far from normal. Joy became a series of high and unbidden moments unrelated to circumstances. God’s face took on the wrinkles of men sleeping in doorways, His voice the off-key Kumbayahs of cross-dressers at the soup kitchen. The labels so often used to define people—mother, stranger, beggar, loser—no longer influenced the Christ-breathed identity Erika saw in them. Standardized ways of seeing the world were flipped on their heads.

Since then, Erika has been chasing the tail of every commonplace word she can think of and redefining it under a new lens. She shares her perspectives through the medium of story, painting day-to-day events with bold dollops of humor and a knack for wordplay. While she writes candidly about her conversations with God, Christians will not find any stale terminology or platitudes among her words. Erika’s writing voice is imaginative and poetic, sometimes undignified, often unpredictable, always sincere.