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Kristen Strong

I’ve been married to my man, David, for 20 years. We lived the Air Force life until recently when he retired after 26 years of service. But I still write about military life from time to time, including this article on how to love on your military neighbors and friends. David and I have 3 children, two of which are sixteen year old twin boys. They are different as night and day, really just brothers born at the same time. We also have a doe-eyed daughter who is a beautiful twelve.

Our family has lived in Oklahoma, Ohio {twice}, New Mexico, Hawaii, and we now have our horses hitched in Rocky Mountain country of Colorado. The skies here are some of the clearest, most sparkling blue in the world , and I hope we can continue to drink them in for a good long while. I am a monthly contributor to (in)courage, the blog of DaySpring.