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Marian Vischer

I’ve been writing on the Internet since 2007 and in scattered journals since adolescence. My first “published” work was a collection of poems in 1983, complete with stitched binding and a wallpapered book jacket. I have since moved beyond 5th-grade Haiku. And for that we can all be thankful.

Once a history professor, I traded in my college classroom in 2007 for five years of homeschooling my own kids around the kitchen table. Writing became my escape hatch as I offered up stories and encouragement through the changing seasons of motherhood, marriage, work, and school transitions. Though much has changed, writing remains my faithful companion. I write so that all of us might receive the honesty, heartache, and hilarity of real life, especially when “the real” is messy. Whether it’s angst about school decisions or pursuing your hoped-for work in the midst of your right-now life, Possibility extends her hand to you. And so do I.

When I’m not working from home for a local non-profit or running a taxi service for my kids, you’ll find me out on the screen porch with a beverage and a book. Obsessions include personality tests, thrift stores, houses, and the relentless love of Jesus. {Not necessarily in that order but I make no claims about consistent righteousness.} I’m especially crazy about my husband of 20+ years and our three kids – a high school daughter who looks like him, a middle school son who looks like me, and an elementary school son who looks like all of us. We make our home in the Southeast where the tea is extra sweet and “Y’all” is proper pronoun.