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Mary Carver

I’m a wife, mom and writer who lives for good books, dark chocolate and television marathons, but I live because of God’s grace. I’m a word nerd, a Jesus follower, and a big fan of YA novels, Mexican food and pretty office supplies. I’m also a recovering perfectionist whose friends and family delight in reminding me of my blog’s title when I get a little twitchy about doing everything just right. But after a lifetime of trying harder and doing more, I’m finally learning to give up on perfect and get on with life, already. After a decade in fundraising, event planning and public relations, I’m thrilled to now work part-time from home as a writer, blogger and freelance editor, as well as a curator for Of course, habits are hard to break, so you might still find me sharing worthwhile causes and perfect-for-a-crowd recipes on occasion – and avoiding the serial comma like the plague it is.