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Ruth Chou Simons

Welcome! I’m Ruth Simons, an unlikely mom to six young boys and wife to a very patient man,  I’m an artist, writer, entrepreneur, and speaker…and I share my journey and how God’s grace intersects daily life, here at GraceLaced. GraceLaced began almost nine years ago for me in the throes of learning what it was to be a ministry wife, a mother, and a follower of Jesus desiring to see how God would use me even if it wasn’t looking the way I thought it would look. I dreamt of traveling the world and using my creative giftings in writing and art, but God allowed those plans to be dormant for over a decade as I learned the hidden joys of serving and ministering at my kitchen table…and dying to my grand visions of myself to find the story my Savior is writing in my broken, but consecrated life. He’s chosen to bring it around full-circle now with my business and ministry, but I now know this clearly: My purpose is the same, with or without an audience; in or out of the professional limelight. He is enough, and I have no offering but ultimately my simple reflection of Christ alone. GraceLaced Shoppe began Thanksgiving 2013. I’m so grateful to be in a season where I can work from home, building a business and ministry, while creating art that blesses and encourages.